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Glass company protecting workers, customers across PA

United Plate Glass | May 10, 2020 | In the News
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Glass company protecting workers, customers across Pa.

By Joe Sylvester for The Daily Item – May 10, 2020

SUNBURY — A local company is helping businesses around the state provide extra protection for their employees and customers.

United Plate Glass (UPG), Route 890, Sunbury, is producing and installing glass sneeze guards at businesses across Pennsylvania to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The new customers also are helping UPG, which had to lay off half of its 16 employees because non-essential construction could not operate during the state COVID-19 shutdown.

With construction allowed to resume on May 1, the company recalled its laid-off workers to catch up with the work and plans to hire up to a half dozen more, said UPG General Manager Nate Lawrence.


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