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3 Questions to ask a Commercial Glazier before Hiring Them

United Plate Glass | Jan 9, 2023 | In the News
3 Questions to ask a Commercial Glazier before Hiring Them

Finding the right commercial glass installation company is a balancing act of getting the right experience at the right cost to meet your budget. Glass door and window installation might seem simple, but if you hire an inexperienced crew, there’s a high risk of injury during installation or liability from improper framing. When you’re planning new construction or managing a commercial renovation, here are three questions to ask a commercial glazier before hiring them.

Does the Commercial Glazier have Certifications, Guarantees or Warranties?

The longevity of commercial glass installation depends on quality framing and installation. It might seem like a cost-effective step to hire a low-cost inexperienced glazier, but commercial glass installations can be complex. Improper installation can cause safety and liability issues if the framing fails or doesn’t hold up to environmental elements.  

At UPG, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We document and photograph each step of the installation, so you have confidence in our work each step of the way. The guarantee is backed up with a one-year installation warranty. If you experience any problems within one year of Substantial Completion, we’ll be there to address the issue within 48 hours.

What’s the Process and How Long will it Take?

OK, this is technically two questions, but it’s important to find out how long the project will take and what steps are involved. You may need to work around other subcontracting schedules, and you’ll want to make sure they’re working at an appropriate pace. Commercial glass installation shouldn’t take more than a few days, except in very complex projects.  

Here’s what you can expect from UPG:

  • Review – We start with a mockup that clearly illustrates each element of the install and how all the trades interact with the window. This clearly outlines who’s responsible for what around the perimeter and identifies possible improvement opportunities. It also opens communication with the general contractor and other trades on site. You’ll sign off on the plan and photos to move forward with the install.
  • Install – We document and photograph each step of the frame installation, caulking, flashing, break metals, insulation, and any areas of concern. We also provide photos of the finished installation, so you have documentation of all finished details.
  • Approval – At the end of the project, we’ll have a final walkthrough with the project manager and installers. After decades in the business, we’ve developed a checklist that helps us identify anything that may still need attention in this final stretch. We’ll leave your jobsite cleaner than we found it and notify the general contractor when we’ve finished our scope of work.

What is the Total Cost?

Cost is a major factor in any commercial build or renovation, and we understand that. Some commercial glass installation companies may give vague dollar-per-hour quotes, and you could find that amount ballooning once they arrive on the jobsite. Get clarity in pricing before you sign off on a quote. Pricing should include:

  • Any product and materials costs
  • Labor costs
  • Any additional service or installation fees (be sure to ask if these apply)

A quote should outline a detailed scope of work making sure that each product meets or is equivalent to the specification for each product type.  There are many companies that offer a lesser product to be more aggressive with pricing.  Also, make sure there are no hidden charges or fees that are outside of the base quote.

At UPG, we provide quotes that meet or exceed specifications.  If a price reduction is needed to be competitive, ask us to offer value engineered pricing to reduce cost and we can provide some suggested alternatives.

Our team has installed all types of commercial glass in both new construction and existing commercial structures. From large curtain wall elevations to fast food entrances and storefronts, we’ve done it all. Give us a call to find out how we can deliver high-quality, long-lasting commercial glass installation to your project.

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