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Types of Interior Glass Partitions

United Plate Glass | Oct 6, 2022 | Blog
Types of Interior Glass Partitions | UPGPA

Interior glass walls are a staple of modern office and commercial design, and they’re even being used in home renovations. They add light, can make a room appear brighter and larger, and can create soundproof meeting and work areas without closing off a space with non-glass partitions. Most interior glass partitions are installed with low-profile aluminum framing systems that secure the glass without adding clunky, unattractive bulk to the design. Interior glass partitions typically aren’t load bearing, so there are nearly infinite options for creating cubicles, meeting rooms, decorative accent panels, and other unique glass elements.

Fixed Glass Panels

Office space has been steadily shrinking over the last ten years. As spaces have gotten smaller, interior glass walls have become more popular. One of the easiest ways to add light to a space is to divide the space with fixed glass panels rather than traditional interior wall and cubicle modules. Fixed glass panels can be ordered as large as 12’ tall or 12’ wide, which makes them ideal for covering large areas and floor-to-ceiling applications. They can also be treated with etchings, corporate logos, white board coatings, and opaque frosting for privacy.    

Sliding and Folding Partitions

Modern offices need multi-use spaces to accommodate hybrid working and the flux of incoming and outgoing people for meetings and events. Key to creating multi-use spaces are walls that can be folded and tucked away or sliding panels that can be opened or closed to create impromptu meeting rooms. Sliding and folding glass partition systems can be up to 12’ tall and come in varying widths to create flexible, custom spaces. Just like fixed panels, they can be customized further with whiteboard coatings, opaque frosting, and decorative etching.

Pods and Cubicles

One of the biggest trends in hybrid workspaces is the “quiet room” or “heads-down space” where people can escape common areas to attend video meetings or get a few minutes of quiet time to finish projects. Interior glass partitions are perfect for creating light-filled pods and cubicles where people can work without feeling separated from the larger space. Soundproof glass can block up to 95% of sound passing through the glass, and it’s useful for meeting rooms where private information is exchanged.

Portable Dividers

When a company doesn’t want to invest or commit to fixed partitions or folding wall systems, portable dividers are the way to go. These glass panels come on castors so they can be rolled around the office and combined when needed and stored away when not in use. They’re typically made to be sturdy and break resistant, which makes them a good option for transporting between locations or gliding around the office.

Privacy Glass

Opaque glass has been mentioned as an addition to any glass panel system, but it deserves a special mention. Fully opaque glass can be used in shared restroom spaces and coworking spaces where privacy is needed. It can also be applied to clear glass as an accent, usually as a wide stripe running through the middle of the glass panes. Privacy glass cuts down on distractions in meeting rooms, and it’s a good way to add privacy to pods and cubicles.   

Glass Accents

Finally, there are smaller glass partitions and accent pieces that divide a space without creating a full floor-to-ceiling division. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these smaller glass partitions were used between traditional cubicles and in reception areas to keep people safely distanced. They’re also used in retail and hospitality spaces to protect against the potential spread of germs. Glass accent pieces can add visual interest, whiteboarding space, and sneeze guard protection without the time and expense of adding a full glass wall.

Our team has installed thousands of glass panels, and we can help you get your interior glass partitions installed efficiently and safely. From small projects to major office renovations, we have you covered! Contact us today to get started on your installation.   

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