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UPG Celebrates Safety Milestone

United Plate Glass | Oct 25, 2020 | In the News
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SUNBURY — United Plate Glass of Sunbury has achieved a milestone in the commercial glass and glazing industry — a 3-year safety award for zero incidents amongst its team members.

Glass and glazing is a challenging industry by nature. Glaziers work with sharp objects, install very heavy glass, and at times work in less than ideal conditions through poor weather or working from lifts.

“It’s impressive to not have a single stitch or a strained muscle over the course of 3 years with our team,” said Nate Lawrence, president of United Plate Glass.  “What’s even more impressive is that the safety success has coincided with our growth in sales.  I’m extremely proud of what the team has accomplished and I’m looking forward to the continued success as we live up to our tagline: Good people. Installing trust. On time.”

To celebrate this team effort, leadership at United Plate Glass treated their employees to a catered company picnic, cornhole tournament and tool rewards as a thank you for their continued commitment.

“Safety is really at the forefront of our everyday conversations, especially with our tremendous growth throughout the past four years.  During that time, we have added many new team members, and statistically speaking, new employees are usually the most susceptible to injury because of lack of awareness.  We make it a point to talk about safety as much as possible and it’s a focus during our weekly team meetings.

We provide the tools and PPE that will provide a safe working environment for our team,” said Lawrence.

As their safety streak continues, the team at United Plate Glass is focused on having the best team in the industry by holding their team members accountable, using proper PPE at all times, and using the correct tools to complete their jobs safely.

“It’s a testament to our good team members — they genuinely care about each other and the wellbeing of others and it shows in their work.”

Published in The Daily Item, Sunbury PA

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