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UPGPA Celebrates 5 Years of Safety

United Plate Glass | Dec 13, 2022 | In the News
UPGPA 5 years of safety | UPGPA

As you can imagine, safety in the construction industry is a paramount concern. When working with sharp, heavy, and dangerous objects and materials, a contractor needs to keep safety top of mind. Protecting the well-being of workers is a massive commitment that requires diligence from everyone. 

This summer, United Plate Glass reached an incredible milestone: 5 years of safety with no accidents! Moreover, UPG achieved this landmark during a time when they’ve been busier than ever. From 2017 to 2022, the company had a 900% increase in revenue!

“No matter how much we grow, our core principles will remain,” said President Nate Lawrence. “We’re good people, installing trust, on time. A lot of guys start to lose something when they get too big, but we want to make sure we retain our values no matter what. That includes safety, customer service, and quality.”

UPG prides itself on doing things the right way–every time. They want to ensure that any contractor or homeowner who works with them knows their project is in good, dependable hands.

In November, the UPG team embarked on a fun-filled day to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. The event started with breakfast on a limo bus as they traveled to a local go-kart track. The staff enjoyed battling it out on the track, trying to defeat the would-be tournament champion, Commercial Manager Sam Ferster. 

Once the speed had slowed, the crew stopped at Wolf Brewing Co. for some good food, drinks, laughs, and a cornhole tournament. “I’m really proud of what this team has been able to accomplish,” Lawrence said. “Safety is a challenge in construction, which makes this   . achievement even more meaningful. We look forward to celebrating a 10-year milestone next.”

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