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The Benefits of a ClearShield Shower Glass Treatment

United Plate Glass | Aug 5, 2022 | Blog

Creating a dream bathroom goes beyond the initial design. How will the room function over time, especially when it comes to glass enclosure longevity in areas with hard water? ClearShield shower glass treatment is an application that creates a “non-stick” protection that resists cloudiness from common water issues and bacteria. It makes cleaning easier while maintaining the crisp, clean look of a glass shower enclosure. Here are four major benefits of a ClearShield shower glass treatment to keep in mind when protecting your design investment.

ClearShield resists Hard water, Limescale and Bacteria.

How often have you seen glass shower enclosures that are clouded beyond repair? Anyone who has experienced hard water and limescale buildup knows it can seem impossible to get rid of the staining once it settles in. Glass is imperfect, containing variation in its surface at a microscopic level. As time goes on and your glass gets cleaned over and over, these variations in the glass surface become worse, becoming micro-scratches called etching. These scratches collect limescale, soap scum, minerals, and bacteria. This creates a foggy, unclean appearance on the glass shower you invested in that is sure to frustrate you.

The ClearShield system is  a polymer-based layer that integrates with the glass and becomes molecularly bonded to it. This isn’t a spray-on coating that could peel or crack over time. It’s a durable, molecular-level protection for your glass that fills these imperfections to create a durable, perfectly smooth surface. ClearShield creates an invisible “non-stick” surface that resists hard water, limescale and bacteria build up.

ClearShield provides Proven Results

For more than 40 years, ClearShield has proven its durability in hundreds of thousands of applications in some of the harshest environments, including marine and offshore applications. It has been used in more than 70 countries and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. It has an unlimited shelf life, is completely safe, and has won many awards over the years for its effectiveness in protecting glass. It has even been used on solar panels!

Choosing ClearShield protection for your shower glass provides peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with a cloudy, bacteria-laden glass shower enclosure just a few years after an installation. Results aren’t just based on lab tests; they’re based on thousands of real-world people using their showers every day.

ClearShield maintains the look of your design.

A bathroom renovation takes months of planning and the coordination of many subcontractors. With that investment of time and resources, you want the results to last. ClearShield comes with a ten-year warranty that’s easily completed online. There’s no such thing as self-cleaning glass, so the only requirement is to do simple cleaning every few weeks and stay on top of the occasional squeegee to keep the glass looking good.

What happens if you fall behind in cleaning and you start getting some water spots? ClearShield has an After-Care product line that helps remove any staining without damaging the underlying protection. It can even be used for general maintenance to keep your shower glass looking like new. Do you use a water softener? Make sure you rinse and squeegee after a shower. Water softeners contain salt, which can be abrasive and damaging if left on the glass.

Make Cleaning Easier

If you choose not to get ClearShield protection, you can always try to use a squeegee and clean the glass daily to try and prevent soap buildup, limescale staining and glass damage over time. But is that realistic? ClearShield keeps glass looking new with less effort. In fact, treated glass typically needs 50% less cleaning than non-treated glass. That’s time better spend doing other things.

The ClearShield After-Care cleaning product is specially formulated to keep the glass looking new longer, but any gentle cleanser will work. Just make sure you never use abrasive cleaners that could scratch the surface. Scratches will allow soap, limescale and bacteria to build up and cloud the glass over time.  For a natural cleaner, use five parts water to one part vinegar.  

At UPG, we’ve installed hundreds of glass shower enclosures with ClearShield protected glass. If you have questions about this product or how to maintain the life of your shower, we have answers. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you get the shower enclosure you’ve been dreaming of!

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