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How Long does it Take to Install a Glass Shower Enclosure?

United Plate Glass | Jan 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

A bathroom redesign might take weeks, or even months, to design and source products. Glass shower enclosures can be one of the most complex projects in a redesign, depending on the type of shower glass and glass door hinge options you’ve chosen. Inexperienced installers can leave you with a potentially hazardous situation if the glass isn’t secured properly or the wrong hinges are used. Installing a glass shower enclosure isn’t a weekend warrior project. However, an experienced glazier like UPG can make quick work of installation and get you into your new shower in about a day.


As you’re choosing the type of enclosure you want and weighing your design options, your contractor will need to evaluate the structural integrity of your walls and floors. Some enclosure designs may need additional reinforcement or framing to accommodate the weight of the glass and any tile elements. This step must be taken before we start installation to avoid a potentially expensive repair later.

Real-world Consequences

Glass shower enclosures must be securely attached to a stud or reinforced backing behind the drywall or masonry work. We’ve seen cases where this step wasn’t taken, and door hinges have worked loose and fallen from the wall after only a few short years of service. Basic drywall anchors aren’t enough. Make sure there are studs or reinforcements where you want the enclosure installed.

Taking Custom Measurements

Unless you’re doing a very basic replacement of a standard-sized shower enclosure, you’ll probably need custom glass cut to fit your space. It’s a good idea to get our team involved as early as possible. We can help you choose the right framing system, type of glass, door and hinge options that will work best in your bathroom.

When our team arrives for the first time, we take measurements, evaluate the surfaces and work with you to create a template that fits your vision. If your contractor or design team has already done all the measurements, we can work with them to make sure the right glass is ordered, and everything will align properly when the installation is finished.

Pro tip: Plan in advance to get our professional project managers onsite immediately after you tile has been installed.  The lead time on custom heavy tempered glass is usually 3-4 weeks.  By coordinating this early so UPG can measure as soon as the tile is installed, will expedite your install by weeks.

Installing the Glass Enclosure

All told, we can typically install a glass shower enclosure in about four to six hours, or one day at most. Very large or complex projects may take a little longer, but the average bathroom shower enclosure should take less than a day.

Of course, this timeline assumes all the pre-planning measurement has been done, the materials have been delivered, and any tile and plumbing work has been completed before the glass goes in. All those things will typically be done before our team arrives on installation day.  

Whether you’re redesigning an existing bathroom or installing a glass shower enclosure in a new build, contact our team for an efficient, professional installation. We’ll have your shower ready to use in about a day!

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