Handle Types

Handles to Fit Your Grip

While a large variety of handles are available, there are 3 main types to choose from. Each handle offers the same function while giving your shower a touch of your own style and preference.
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Ladder Pull Handle

A ladder pull handle offers a modern look with the added bonus of being able to hold a towel!

8-inch Square Handle

Handles that are square are clean, modern, and offer a sharp aesthetic

8-inch C Handle

C-Handles, or rounded handles, offer a softer, homeier feel to you shower glass. This can also be a safer option for homes with children.

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Travis and his team were responsive and professional. We really appreciate the time Travis took to come out and assess options to fix our current shower. Our new enclosure is wonderful!


“Over the years we have also used UPG mirror and commercial doors with nothing but positive results. I am always confident that we will receive a quality finished product from UPG.”

Zach Knepp | Edmiston's Construction LLC

“We highly recommend this company and the professional men that did a great job at this unusual installation.”


“Thanks to the two service persons. Very clear, polite, knowledgable. I appreciate such efficiency. Thank you Corey and his partner.”


“Every part of the process went smoothly from our first meeting with Nate to the installation. We highly recommend the team at United Plate Glass! “

Barb & Guy Sutton

“Nate and his team were professional and skilled in measuring, creating, and installing our door to our specifications. We could not be more pleased with the fit and look of the door. “

Linda Springman

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