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Factors that Affect the Cost of Commercial Glass Replacement

United Plate Glass | Aug 9, 2023 | Blog
Factors that Affect the Cost of Commercial Glass Replacement

No one wants to deal with unexpected broken glass in a commercial building, especially if it creates a safety concern. Glass damage from weather events, vandalism or accidents don’t usually happen during business hours, and it is often cost prohibitive to search for after-hours emergency commercial glass service. In most cases, you can secure the space and avoid the hefty emergency fees until a pro glazier can step in to complete the repair. Here’s what you need to know about the factors that affect the cost of commercial glass replacement.

Immediate Cleanup and Temporary Repairs

Whether it’s after hours or a midday incident, broken glass will need immediate cleanup and a temporary repair until new glass can be ordered and installed. If you need to call a glass repair company for after-hours service, expect to pay a premium for emergency service. You’ll also pay a higher price for after-hours temporary repair,  glass cleanup, and disposal. UPG does not currently offer after-hours emergency repairs.

However, you can sweep up the glass and temporarily board up a window or door yourself until a professional glazier can assess the situation during regular business hours. Make sure you carefully remove any glass shards and board up the window or door. Pro tip: safely remove the glass from its frame and place wood into the space where the glass would be. Use spacers to avoid placing screws in the frame. 

Size of Damage/Repair

One of the major factors in commercial glass replacement is the size of the damage and how much labor and new glass will be required. Even if you have standard sized windows and doors, there could be damage to the frame or the building itself. When we repair or replace commercial glass at UPG, we inspect the framing and structure around the damage to make sure the replacement glass has a strong foundation when it’s installed. We also check the hinges, pivots, panic bars and any other hardware to make sure we repair or replace any damaged elements.

Upon our first visit, we will take detailed measurements and specifications of the glass installation, following this, we will prepare and order the necessary materials for the replacement. Approximately 3-4 weeks later, our installers will return to install your new glass. It’s best to make repair decisions after thorough evaluation and planning. Throwing together a rushed repair will usually end up costing a lot more than taking your time with a glazer to properly prep and plan the repair. This is also a good opportunity to decide whether you want to upgrade the glass or elements of your framing system.   

Type of Glass

Replacing specialty glass will cost more than replacing a standard pane. Tempered glass, tinted glass, treated glass and other specialty products may have to be ordered at an additional cost. If you’re faced with an entire storefront replacement, or several windows, you may want to use the opportunity to upgrade to double glazed or ultra-durable safety glass. While these types of glass do cost more, they are also more resistant to storm damage, vandalism, and other problems associated with cracking and breaking. If you were on the fence about upgrading your glass, this is the time to weigh your options. Our team can help you find the right glass and installation to help prevent future breakage problems. 

Location of the Damage

One final cost consideration is the location of the broken glass. A storefront at ground level will be easier to replace than the 47th floor of a high-rise or other hard-to-reach area. Some of that cost will be covered in the labor charge, but there could be a separate line item in the invoice that covers access difficulties, extra scaffolding or additional equipment needed to help with installation. Our commercial glass installation team will go over any additional costs as part of the repair and replacement plan. No matter who you’re working with, make sure you get a complete estimate that includes any additional fees related to access or location. 

Whether broken commercial glass comes from natural or man-made causes, we’re here to help you get repairs done before they become a liability. Give us a call when you need commercial glass repair. Our team will provide a helpful quote and get the job done quickly and safely.

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