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Maximize Visual Impact with Glass Storefronts

United Plate Glass | Dec 12, 2023 | Blog
Maximize Visual Impact with Glass Storefronts

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you pass a retail location? Do you immediately get an impression of what’s inside (for better or worse)? A storefront is the initial point of contact with potential customers and visitors, and its design plays a vital role in their opinion of the company. Glass storefronts provide a unique opportunity to maximize visual impact and draw customers into your space. To create a great first impression, here’s how to make the most of glass storefronts, including oversized glass panels, illuminated displays, and custom design possibilities.

Oversized Glass Panels

One of the most powerful ways to make a statement is by opting for oversized glass panels. These expansive and structurally enhanced panels create a sense of grandeur and openness that is captivating and inviting. They allow passersby to have a full look at the interior of your store, enticing them to explore further.

A perfect example of oversized glass panels is Apple’s iconic retail stores. Renowned for their minimalist design and extensive use of oversized glass panels, these storefronts not only create a striking visual impact but also reinforce Apple’s brand identity of transparency and innovation.

Visitors to New York City will be familiar with the Adidas flagship store, which features a massive glass façade that stretches an entire city block. This results in a dynamic and captivating storefront that draws in customers with the promise of an immersive shopping experience.

You don’t need an entire city block of glass to create an inviting experience but incorporating oversized glass into a renovation or new build will transform a low-key storefront into something eye catching and attractive.  

Illuminated Panels

To make a retail space shine both day and night, consider illuminated panels. These customizable glass storefront systems incorporate lighting sources and can add a touch of drama or sophistication to the storefront, making it stand out in the evening hours. They’re a perfect option for areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic at night.

In another New York City example, Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue is a good example of custom illuminated panels. The store’s façade features a series of illuminated, “Tiffany blue” panels that light up after dark. The play of light draws attention to the store and elevates it as a symbol of luxury and elegance even when it’s closed.

Illuminated panels can be used to display brand colors or logos throughout the night, and low-energy LED options are available to avoid high operational costs.

Custom Designs for Brand Identity

Every retail brand has a unique story to tell, and glass storefronts provide a canvas to reflect the brand’s values, aesthetics, and personality. Whether it’s etchings, insets, or iridescent tints, there are many ways to customize a glass storefront to reinforce a company’s brand.

If you’ve ever visited a LEGO Store, the brand’s glass storefronts often feature playful and creative designs, such as oversized LEGO brick sculptures integrated into the glass. These custom design elements not only capture the essence of the brand but also create an engaging and memorable experience for customers, especially children.

Similarly, many of Lululemon’s storefronts showcase custom-designed glass façades that incorporate yoga-inspired motifs and the company’s logo. The designs align with the brand’s focus on wellness and mindfulness and creates a sense of harmony between the store’s exterior and its product offerings.

Glass storefronts create an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential customers. They can be a powerful tool for attracting foot traffic and telling your brand’s story while leaving a positive impression on people passing by. To explore different storefront systems and customization options, contact our team! We can help you choose the right glass products for your storefront update.

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