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How Long does it Take to Replace Storefront Glass?

United Plate Glass | Jan 31, 2023 | Blog

No one wants to arrive at their business to find shattered glass. From severe weather to improper installation to vandalism, there are times when storefront glass has to be replaced. It may even need replacement as a part of a renovation. Our commercial glass experts have been serving central Pennsylvania businesses for decades, and we make quick work of estimates and replacements. So, how long does it take to replace storefront glass? We have the answer.

Step one: Measure (1-2 days)

If the glass has been completely shattered, clear any broken glass and cover the open space with plywood to keep the building secure. If glass is cracked but intact, place caution signs or tape on the damaged area and warn people to avoid the area just in case it cracks further. Call a glass repair company like UPG as soon as you notice the damage, and a repair person can usually take measurements the same day or within a business day. 

Step two: Order Replacement Glass (approximately three weeks)

If the replacement glass is a standard size, it can take up the three weeks to arrive at the job site. Custom-cut specialty glass may take slightly longer. We do our best to source glass that can be delivered in a timely manner, so installation can happen as soon as possible. While waiting for glass to arrive, keep caution signs up to prevent the public from injury.

Step three: Installation (1-3 days)

A single pane of glass will take about four hours to replace on installation day, depending on the size and location. Replacing or installing a new entrance vestibule generally takes a full day, depending on the amount of glass. If the glass replacement is part of a larger remodel project, it may take a couple of days to install and seal the whole project.

Replacing storefront glass isn’t time consuming for an experienced team. The longest stretch of the project is waiting for the glass delivery. Give us a call for a replacement quote and reliable installation! Our team is ready to help.  

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