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The Science Behind ClearShield Glass

United Plate Glass | Nov 16, 2023 | Blog
The Science Behind ClearShield Glass

It can be challenging to maintain the pristine appearance of glass surfaces, especially shower enclosure doors and walls which are prone to water spots, mineral deposits, and stubborn stains. ClearShield developed a revolutionary technology that provides a comprehensive solution to this challenge. If you’ve ever wondered what makes ClearShield glass unique in the market, here’s the story behind its manufacturing process, hydrophobic properties, and the benefits it brings to your residential or commercial projects.

ClearShield Technology

ClearShield glass technology is built on the idea that placing a protective barrier on the glass surface will resist adhesion of contaminants. However, it’s difficult to create a coating that works effectively and stands up to the daily use of a shower stall. Many people have experienced spray-on stain barriers that don’t work after one or two showers. The ClearShield barrier is created through a complex process involving a unique polymerization reaction. Before installation, the glass surface is treated with a specialized solution that chemically bonds with the glass, forming an invisible protective layer that’s built for the long haul.

Unique Manufacturing Process

To create this long-lasting result, UPG employs a multi-stage process to ensure optimal performance. The glass surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to eliminate any contaminants. Next, the ClearShield solution is applied and chemically reacts with the glass to form a bonded protective layer. This layer becomes an integral part of the glass, offering long-lasting benefits that extend the lifespan of the glass itself.

Hydrophobic Properties

One of the most remarkable features of ClearShield glass is its hydrophobic nature. The protective layer exhibits water-repellent properties, causing water to bead up and roll off the glass surface. This property significantly reduces the formation of water spots and streaks, simplifies maintenance, and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. The hydrophobic effect ensures the glass surface remains clear and transparent, maintaining that crisp, just-installed look.

Environmental Benefits

ClearShield glass technology meets the needs of people looking for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. The hydrophobic nature of the glass means fewer harsh chemical cleaners are needed to keep the glass clean. Using gentle, nontoxic cleansing solutions contributes to a healthier indoor environment and minimizes the release of harmful substances into the ecosystem. This reduced need for cleaning products not only benefits the environment but can also lead to cost savings over time.

Enhanced Longevity

ClearShield glass goes beyond surface protection. It enhances the overall durability and longevity of glass surfaces, particularly in high-use areas like shower enclosures. The protective layer prevents the adhesion of contaminants that can corrode the glass over time. It also helps maintain the brilliance and transparency of a new installation. This resilience makes ClearShield glass an excellent investment for home and commercial applications, from windows and shower enclosures to architectural glass.

Design Versatility

Most people know about ClearShield glass used in residential shower enclosures, but the technology is adaptable to a wide range of applications including commercial buildings and even cruise ship windows. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or architectural project, ClearShield glass provides lasting benefits in high-use and high-traffic areas.

The science behind ClearShield glass involves a unique manufacturing process that creates a long-lasting hydrophobic protective layer on the glass surface. The benefits reach far beyond the science, including easier maintenance and a more pristine look over time. Whether you’re renovating a residential bathroom or updating a commercial building, contact our experts to find out how ClearShield glass can add value to your project. We’re here to help you get the best results from your next glass installation!

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